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A real friend, they are really rare because it's hard to find a real friend.Sometimes you have friends because you do things for them, not because of the person you are but because of what you give them, maybe you're rich and they only stay with you for your money but a real friend would never do that, a real friend is like a best friend so he doesn't care if you have money or not, he will stay with you forever most of the times you will have a best friend forever but sometimes you won't but if you will have one be sure to keep him close to you because a real friend is rare, it's something that you find really hard and if you don't keep him close to you he will be gone from your life.It is like you broke a mirror, will it come back to you? You can fix it but it won't be same one so even if you have some little fights, that doesn't matter so how i said a real friend is a best friend because he doesn't care if you have money or not, he's your friend because of the person you are, not for what you have.That's how a real friend should be but a lot of them aren't like that and that's sad so they are fake friends because they only stay with you because you give them things and if you stop giving them things they won't talk with you again.So the difference between a real friend and fake friends, a real friend is always there for you even in the hardest moments from your life so keep him/her close to you because you will get a small chance to find another real friend.
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