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If i were a millionaire i would never be that kind of millionaire.Not the kind that it's spending all the money on stupid things like buying something today which is more than 1000$ and tomorrow now ever doing something with that object and buying another one which may be over the price of the first item.I would be a normal person which would spend money on normal things and not buying something today and never use it again after one day.I would donate my money to charity, i would help my friends if they would need some money but not doing it always because they would get used to it so i would just be a normal person and not like those rich persons who spend their money on something today and never use it again or buying something else tomorrow which would be more expensive than the first one so i would be a normal person who would spend his money on normal things and bot be like:''Look at me, i'm so rich i can buy everything in the world''.And let's be honest a rich person isn't different than a regular person, both of them are almost the same but i'm 100% sure of something, we all go in the same place even if we have money or not.