Un email de 15-20 de randuri in care sa ii sugeram cuiva cum sa invete engleza fara sa piarda prea mult timp cu ajutorul urmatoarelor metode: To read magazines in English, to watch films in English without subtitles, to practise conversation with a friend.

În engleză?
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george fa.l ca e raportat un raspuns in curand v.a fi sters
poate fi si o scrisoare nu doar un email


Hey, if you really want to learn english without spending way too much time and having fun i think you should read magazines in english, watching movies in english without subtitles because if you understand without subtitles you will learn it really fast and if you have a friend which is from another country and he know english really well and if he does know your language to help you it will be pretty fast.To be honest reading magazines and watching movies in English helped me a lot, no one helped me learning it, i was doing it because i liked learning it and english is a beautifull language and you really should learn it because it's the most used  language in the word and if you go to another country english and some people will be your guide because english is the most used langauge in the country you will go there will be some people who know english and may help you with descovering the country you are, where are the main streets and the most important things.
       A lot of people should know english but it's a shame that a lot don't even know the word home for example and that's really bad.Maybe in some countries you don't get a good income and if you go to another country you have two choices:Learn English or learn the language they are speaking in the country where you want to go but you should learn both of them because how i said a lot of people don't know english and i think that's why YOU should learn english, i don't think you want to be one of those people who don't even know a word in english.So i hope this will make you learn english so you really need to learn it because it's a good, beautifull and easy language and it's the most used language in the world.Hope this will really make you learn english.

Scuze daca am scris mai multe randuri dar am avut multe idei si as fi scris mai mult dar cred ca este de ajuns.Sper ca te-am ajutat :)