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La name, occupation, address,date of birth si telephone completezi tu.
Date of Observation:18.09.2014
Time and place of observation:Bucharest, night si aici poti sa pui numele orasului in care traiest tu.
How long did you see the object for? 1 hour 10 minutes and 30 seconds
Did the object:
a)It stand still for like 1 minute
b)Yes because it stand still for 1 minute then just got away from there moving to another location
c)No, i didn't saw any smoke
d)It kinda changed the colour from what i saw, it was really strange because it was night and i wasn't able to see if well enough.
e)No, it didn't changed its shape.
f)No, it didn't drop anything, not from what i saw that night
5.Trebuie sa faci un desen al unui UFO
6.Yes, me and my friends saw it
Signature: Trebuie sa semnezi aici
Sper ca te-am ajutat :)

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