Va rog mult sa ma ajutati la aceasta tema!
Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense. Then mark each sentence 1, 2, 3, or 4 as in the grammar box.1 Pepe____________(work) in the construction industry.
2 Carlos___________(not teach) this month.
3 Pablo ___________(teach) the older students this year.
4 Listen! Silvia _________(sing) her favourite song.
5 Supersonico usually _________(sing) in Spanish.
6 Pepe and Pablo ___________ (not take) part in the interview.
V-as ruga sa ma ajutati cu aceasta tema! Multumesc anticipat! :D



Works, doesn't teach, is singing, sings, don't take
Multumesc mult :-*
l-ai uitat pe teach
Daca faci si spaniola te ajut si acolo. :*