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To be ignorant of the past is to remain a child.Is is that true? If you don't care about the past that mean you're being a child, the answer is yes.Kids are pretty imature and they don't really care about small things but the past isn't something small because maybe in the past you had a good life or a bad one and sometimes is better to think about your past and what you've done in your life until now and have the question:I did good things until now in my life? Maybe some people did a lot of good things in their life but maybe some didn't, maybe they were murders, stealing things from other people and maybe some people were doing the oposite, helping people, donating to charity and things like this.So most of the people don't care about their past, a lot of people forgot from where they started for example if they were poor in the past and now they are rich and having a good life, they forgot about all of those things and maybe some people had a good life at the start but then maybe someone from his/her family died or if they were rich they became poor and things like that.So yeah a lot of people are ignorant of their past and that's showing that they are still thinking like some little kids.