The world will be a better place, the world peace will be real, finally.The tehnology is so advanced, just something we saw in the movies in 2000-2014, that's just crazy, like in movies advanced soldiers, the towns, countries, the buildings, everything is so different, i wonder how the world was gonna look if it was another World War, i really wonder how it would look but it would be like hell because of the tehnology, every soldier would be a super soldier like how we saw in the movies, for example stronger than Robo Cop, sounds crazy to make a comparation but because the gear soldier have in 2164 it would be just... the end of the world, they are too strong and if World War start it would be the end, the weak one would die and the strong one would survive but what would they achive? Killing eachothers like some crazy person who love torture?Enough with the war thing, they tehnology is just amazing, so advanced and how the said in the news they will even make flying cars, that really sound like a dream come true but it's just amazing that i can't even talk about everything humans did to the world.

Cred ca are mai mult de 150 de cuvinte dar sper ca te-am ajutat :)