Cine ma poate ajuta la ex. acesta ? b. list the sports which you do in or water,team sports,and invidual sports and activities..... Grammar saapshots... VERB can ABILITY(i,you,he,she,it,,we,they).... POSITIVE: i can scuba-dive,NEGATIVE:i can`t ski,QUESTION:can you scuba-dive?,SHORT FROM ANSWERS:yes,i can./no,i can`t



1.positive: I can swim.
 negative: I can't talk.
question: Can you swim?
short answear: Yes,i can.
2. pos: I can play volleyball.
 neg: I can't drive a car.
 question: Can you drive a car in water?
 short ans: no,I can't.
3. pos: I can fish.
 neg: I can't  talk on the phone.
 question: Can you talk on the phone?
 short ans: no ,I can't.
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