Fill in the blanks with so ,such ,or such a and words from the next .
1.Voitek is an ......musician .He plays the piano ......well that he was offered a place with a youth orchestra .
2.The weather was..... bad that the game was cancelled.The wind was blowing ....hard that is felt almost like a .....
3.Melissa is ....kind that she has never felt the .....bit jealous of her friends .....
4.Your sister' s boyfriend is ....good -looking boy !
5.They're ......good friends that they're inseparable .
6.He is .....fantastic tennis player that everyone watches him when he plays




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1.such a musician, plays so well. 2. So bad/hard. Like a storm. 3. so. on her. 4.such a. 5. such. 6. such a.
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