I spent my last weekend in Bern,the capital of Switzerland,with my mother and father.We arrived at the airport late and we almost didn't catch the plane.We boarded the plane and I found out I had an aisle seat,which I didn't like-but hey,at least I got to travel by plane!As the plane lifted from the ground I felt as if I was actually pulled behind which excited me.Luckily I can't complain about annoying children wailing or kicking the back of my seat-aside from a sleeping newborn baby I was the youngest person on board.
   When we finally got off the plane I realized how big the airport in Bern was, compared to the one in Bucharest.
    During our stay we visited the city,and Saturday evening we took photos of the Swiss National Bank.We drank coffee from the Starbucks near the train station, and I bought stickers with Bern's coat of arms from the Tourist Information store, also near the train station.
   I liked the clean streets,the buildings with nice architecture and calm,beautiful colors.You could see from outside that the rooms inside of the buildings were spacious.
   I enjoyed my stay there,and I'd go there again at any minute if I had the chance to.My trip there made me think about travelling more.