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Yesterday it was a creepy one .
I woke up in the morning , and I just looked at my telephone clock and it was 7 o'clock in the morning. But it looked like it was night. I was really scared. I thought that there was a problem with my phone. I might go to work , so I dressed and I made a shower because I felt like a sleep 24 hours in one night. I left home .
 While I went to the work , a man was hitting me. I was really scared ; actually I felt like I was dreaming. He said "Sorry" , and then walked on the road. I felt creepy at that moment , and there was sun on the sky. The're were just clouds , grey clouds with some stains of darkness. 
When I arrived at that build , I saw some people who left it. I asked them why they were leaving and they told me that is 7 :30 in the evening and their turned ended. I was really thrilled. I said that I know that is morning , but they said that is not true , and I looked at their clocks. It was really 7.30 in the evening. 
 When I arrived home I was broking  my phone because it was really poorly for me! And I couldn't sleep all the night because of this. And of course , i saw a lot of missed calls and I didn't say there a hour ago.
 It was very creepy.
                                sper ca iti place :). no internet , no google translate 
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