Va rog foarte frumos ajutatima la citit . Nicola:Hi,Louise.How are things? Louise:Fine,thanks.When are you starting work? Nicola:Thisevening.I'm going to work in reception to start with. But l've got this afternoon free. Are you doing anything special? Louise:No, not really. Nicola:Do you fancy going for a bike ride? Louise:Yes,OK.Good idea? Nicola:Perhaps we could go and watch the surfers. Auntie Lynn, we're going off for the afternoon.



Îţi scriu aici cum se citeşte, okay?
Nicola: Hai Luis. Hau ar things?
Luis: Fain, thencs.Uhen ar iu startin uorc?
Nicola: dis ivning. Aim găuing tu uorc in recepşăn tu start uith.Băt aiv gat dis aftărnun frii.Ar iu duing enithing spşăl?
Luis: nău,năt rilii.
nicola: Du iu fensi găuing for ă baic raid?
Luis: Yes, ochei. Gud aidia?
Nicola: ferăps ui cud gău and waci dă sărfărs. onti Lynn , uere găuing of for di aftărnun.
te rog frumos mai imi spui cum se citeste Lynn:That's nice. It's a lovely day. Are you going to waik? Nicola: No, we're going to cycle.Hi,Louise.How are thingsWe'd like to borroww some bikes, if that's all right. lynn:Yes,of course.But don't forget that we're meeting at six o'clock this evening to talk about your work,Nicola. Nicola:OK,i'll be back by six, I promise! Lynn:All right . Have a nice time!