VAAAAA rooooog ajutati-maaaaa e urgeent.....
write a response using the correct forrm of will, may/might, going too or the present continous and one of these verbs
meet, cook, answer, bring, buy win

isn't that your phone ringing?
yes, but I expect it's kelvin.

where's you homework, Gary?
I'm do class tomorrow.

have you decided on a present for Julie?
Yes, I........her a rucksack.

do you want to come to town this evening?
I can't.......dinner for my parents. I always cook for them on a Thursday.

we need to be at the station at six o'clock,
ok, at your hourse at five thirty.

how do you think Argentine will do in the World Cup?
well, they..., but I 'm not sure



1.Yes but I'm going to bring it.
2.I'm sorry I might answer 
3.Yes, I'm going to buy her a rucksack.
4.I may cook the dinner for my parents.
5.I will meet you at your house at five thirty.
6.They're going to win but I'm not sure. 
2014-11-11T01:33:26+02:00 not going to answer it. 2. I shall bring it. 3.will buy. 4.cook.5.I will meet you. 6. Might win.
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