Last week I was at Paris.
I like very much the snow.
Last night I slept with my sister.
I prefer the pizza than croissant.
I love my friends.
I like summer.

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I eat an apple.
Maria is looking for a pen.
He will leave the country.
I am going to the cinema with my friends.
I love to read books.
Anna has beautiful eyes.
He is my best friend.
I wish i could fly.
My mother is fighting with my teacher.
Math class was always boring.
Let's eat, i'm starving!
My brother keeps annoying me.
Don't yell at me, i can hear you well.

I need a break.
Laura and Elena are my cousins.
This novel was written in 1998
They will never be rich.
The box was empty.
My mother is working at a factory.
You must say something.
Every kid loves to play.
Tomorrow will be sunny.
In the summer i went to Mallorca,
Parents should teach their kids.
Maria hates Diana
This book is heavy.
You must study now.
Everything will be alright.
I want to swim in the sea.
This band will sing a song.
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