I persoally think that it's parents responsability to teach children how to behave. But we live in a busy world when parents have to work hard to maintain a good life for them and their childrens. They often trust school for this but the school cannot teach your kid how to behave as this is a parent job. Also the kids have a lot of influence on each other and the behaviour of their friends affects them very much. In the childrens group as in any other group you have to be like the others to fit in. So what kind of friends is the kid around is very important too. As the child is growing the parents start to have less influence on him and the friends more and more and it can even get to the point when parents have no power over their child anymore and this is very bad. But all this is of course the parents fault again. So yes! If their kid is one way or another is all their fault because they have to be carefull and explain and teach the childrens properly. And as if they should be punished..it depends on how bad the behaviour has been.. Still I don't really think that a punishment to the parents would help the fact that the kid have some holes in his behaviour...
Holes = gaps
And 'a punishment to the parents' is not a correct input.
În rest, foarte frumos scris. Meriți coroniță!
Iuii...multumesc...eu nu fac aproape deloc engleza in scoala si ma straduiesc sa fac bine totusi...
Multumesc de corecturi :)