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Intrebare : made do beach? :))
 daca incep altfel nu te superi , nu ? 
 Hey Dan, 
We arrived in California and I just can say that it's more beautiful than I thought. It's the first time for me to be here , in America , and I really excite the people and this very cool way to be. I see a lot of people smile and have fun and this makes me feel excited too! The weather is actually hot , with a few breezes of cold air. But I really like California. Of course , I'm at a hotel , a beautiful one , with pool and spa... 
 Yesterday I decided to to go to sea .And there is so beautiful! I met a boy who teached me to surf and it was pretty dangerous and first I was scared , but then I began to be fine. I was in the city , I was shopping and there , in those malls , there're a lot of people and it began to be tedious ... And there're a lot of shops and jewelry and a lot of beautiful girls... In the evening I met a very pretty one and I was with her in a club and danced... But then , she had to go so I was walking in the beautiful California witch in the night is like a Christmas three with a lot of lights , and little lights ... And I arrived at the hotel very tired.
 But in this morning I wrote you this letter and hope that you'll enjoy what I wrote.
                                             With friendship,
                                          ( numele tau)
        No internet , no google translate! 

really? :)) I just laughed when I read that I wrote witch :))).and t it might be which :))).
scuze ,trebuie which in loc de witch , my mistake :)))).
chiar e o diferenta intre astea doua... m-am gandit aiurea :)))
Its which but I said 95% good;)
if you say so.... :))