Can you name any popular performers from outside Britain and the US?
How easy is it to discover new music from different countries?
Which performers from your country do think deserve aw ider audience?Why?
Va rog sa raspundeti la intrebarile de mai sus.Rog seriozitate

Ok. Of course i can name popular performers from outside the US and UK. I know lots of singers from the middle east countries like naasif zeytoun from saudi arabia and shlomi shabbat from israel. They are very popular all around the middle east and have a lot of concerts all over asia mainly. Of course there are a lot of singers which are known all over the world like tarkan who is from turkey. It's pretty hard to find new music from singers from other countries. First,
You have to pick a country and search music by adding 'new music' in front of the country's name. I think that Luminița Anghel deserves a bigger audience because she is very talented. She went to the Eurovision, bu she deserves better. She took the 3rd place there and that's azing! She performs well live and she has got a great personality.