Past perfect simple: 
She had slept on my bed, you must get her out of the house.
I had never seen such a bad behaviour.
Why hadn`t he made his homework two days ago?
You had walked past me like nothing happened.
Hadn`t you closed the door  behind you, two years ago?
My mom had been to a doctor to have her eyes checked.
You had checked in already, mr Brown.
She had seen my tears, but said nothing.
Dad had fought in that war, along with my grandpa.
You had forgotten how to bake a cake.

Present perfect simple:
I have never seen you in this state.
He has been learning all night.
I have read all the texts before closing the library.
All my efforts have been in vain.
She has left the house after feeding the dog.
You have brought the ring from jewellery?
Haven`t you learned to read at school?
I do, I have broken all my promises to you.
Mom has never cried, till today.
I have written this homework alone.
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