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(1). Past Simple or Past Perfect Simple:

1.He (to buy)__________a present after his friend (to invite)________him at his party.
2.Before she (to go out)_______she (to talk)_______on the phone.
3.After they (to have)______dinner,they (to watch)_______TV.
4.We (to listen to)_______the radio,after we (to find out )_______about the accident.
5.He (to meet) __________hir relatives before he (to go)_______ on holiday.
6.After the children (to help)______their parents, they (to play)_______outside.

(2).Past simple or Past Countinous:
1.Whwn the teacher (to come into)_______the dass,the children (to talk)_______.
2.Jane's car (to break)______down while she (to drive)_____to work.
3.We (to play)_______tennis when someone (to call)_______us.
4.I (to work)________hard on my essay when I (to have) _______a great idea.
5.While I (to wait)_______for you,I(to see)_______something strange.
6.Whil the customer (to count)_____the money,the shop assistent (to pack)______the present.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
Dupa "after" se pune mereu past perfect simple:
1. he has bought... had invited.
2.she has gone out... she had talked ..
3.had had dinner... have watched..
4.have listened.. had found out..
5. he had met... he has gone..
6. had helped ... have played

1.came into the class.. were talking
2. broke down..  she was driving
3. were playing.. called.
4.was working hard.. I had
5.was waiting for you ... I saw
6.was counting..  packed

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