1.He writes homework every day.(PS)
2.Watching TV at this moment.(PC)
3.We draw a house sometimes.(PS)
4.They are drinking cola now.(PC)
5.I am eating apples right now(PC)
6.I always go to school at 7 o'clok.(PS)

Sper ca te-am putut ajuta! :)
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Present continuous.
1. I was watching TV when her dad got home.
2. My brother is writing an essay for history class tomorrow.
3. My mother finds cooking fun.
4. I am buying a car right now.
5. I am watching Toy Story.
Present simple.
1. My dad drives to work every day.
2. I always eat what I like.
3. I call my friends every day.
4. My brother always does his homework.
5. My mother cooks every week.