David and Alex (15) , from New York City ,USA .⇒ are coming to live in your town for a few mounths .
a)What do you think life is like in their coutry ? Think about food , the weather and the general environment and write notes .
Exemple : Ella (15) Canada : very cold , probably small town , eats fish ?
b) What do you think they found difficult about your country ? Why? Write notes .
Exemple : Ella(15) Canada : used to living in a cold climate ⇒⇒⇒ will have to get used to heat .



A) I think they have an interesting life and they live in a big town with hot weather.
I think they eat fast food, like americans do(hamburger, chips)
b) They don't know a lot about our country and our language and it's hard for them
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A) I think they have a wonderful life. There are many more conditions, school education is not as advanced as ours, the weather is very good and they have more beaches where to go. I think they eat fast-food or as found in many restaurant, refined and expensive food. 
b) I think the most difficult thing was to get used to, especially in a foreign country and don't know much about. Language is quite heavy, with many diacritics and accents, difficult to pronounce, and that because they have a specific emphasis. Many Romanians don't make school at the right time or leave it, don't know how to speak English, so David and Alex can't really understand the Romans.
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