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Hello , dear friend! This is an invitation for you . Next Sunday , on 16th of November it will be my birthday. I will fulfill 15 years old! It will be great and I hope that you will be ready for the most beautiful day in your life! We take part of a lot of games , music , cookies , good food and , in the end , the cake wich it'll be very big!At 5 o'clock in the evening , when you will arrive , we will start the party. First , we will dance on rock , pop, and many other music , and my dad will film us. After we will dance , we will play games on the computer like : Gta and many others like these , or games you want to play. IThen , we will going to eat ,and we will play out in my big trampoline and have a lot of fun! And we will have too a big slide and cool music on the way . Then , it will be the moment when we will eat the cake , a very beautiful one. And , in the night , we will watch a horror movie and it will be scary! There will be a lot of children ( 25-30) and my family.
 Hope that you will be there too!
                                              sper ca iti place! no internet , no google translate