Complete the sentences with much or and the correct form of the adjective in brackets:
1) Toledo in Spain is ......... than Newquay(beautiful)
2)Is the population of India ........ that of China (large)
3)The beaches on the Costa Blanca are...... than the beaches on the Costa Brava (long)
4)The shops here aren`t ...... in the capital(fashionable)
5)The weather is ....... than it was last year (good)



1.more much beautiful large as 3.are much longer fash... as 5.much better . Asa e corect .am facut cu profa.
12 4 12
Toledo in Spain is much beautiful than Newquay
Is the population of India much larger that of China?
The beaches on the Costa Blanca are much longer than the beaches on the Costa Brava
The  shops here aren't as fashionable in the capital
The weather is much better than it was last year
16 4 16
la 2) era: as large as
Da ....te iei dupa mine.
M-am corectat inainte ca tu sa postezi. :|