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The name Cluj comes , most likely , from the Latin Castrum Clus , used for the first time in the twelfth century to describe medieval citadel of this place. Toponym has Clus means " closed" in Latin and refers to the hills that surround the city . Another hypothesis is accepted that the origin of the name or topic of German Klaus Klause word (meaning ' pass between mountains " or clusa " dam , dam "). Other common names of the city are the Hungarian and German , Kolozsvár , respectively Klausenburg . Klausenburg was one of the seven medieval Saxon cities of Transylvania (German Siebenbürgen , meaning Seven Citadels ) . First Romanian name of the city was clusive , sometimes written Klus . Name of Cluj has become established , especially after the city became part of the Kingdom of Romania in 1918 . By the Decree no. 194 of 16 October 1974 , signed by Nicolae Ceausescu and published in the Official Gazette of October 18, 1974 RSR , Cluj has been awarded the name Cluj -Napoca, "to immortalize the name of this ancient settlements - testimony of antiquity and continuity of the Romanian people on these lands. "  Nicolae Ceausescu also gave the order " Star Socialist Republic of Romania " class Cluj-Napoca , " giving highly appreciated the contribution of Cluj citizens over the centuries to fight all the people for freedom and social progress and the implementation of Party policy and state building the multilaterally developed socialist society in our country .
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