Who 's afraid of the green-eyed monster?

Jon , Peter and George where best friends . They met when they were very young and became inseparable. In fact , they were such good friends that they became affectionately known as the 'Three Musketeers ' .And yet , they couldn't have been more different . Jon was an accomplished athlete .He played bastketball so well that he was chosen to play in the school team .Peter , on the other hand , was the brainy one . He was such a good student that all his teachers held him up as an example to his friends . George was so charming that everybody wanted to be his friend

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Jon , Peter si George au fost cei mai buni prieteni. Ei s-au intalnit cand erau foarte mici si au devenit nedespartiti.In fapt, ei au devenit prieteni atat de buni incat au fost numiti "Cei trei muschetari". Si totusi ,ei nu puteau fii mai diferiti ((nu aveau absolut nimic in comun)). Jon era un atlet desavarsit .Juca atat de bine basket incat a fost ales sa joace in echipa scolii. Peter,pe de alta parte era cel mai inteligent. A fost un elev asa de bun incat toti profesorii sai l-au laudat,fiind un exemplu pentru prietenii sai. George era atat de fermecator incat toti doreau sa-i fie prieten, :D
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