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THE WORLD IS AN (ONE'S) OYSTER - "If you have a lot of money, you can have anything you want. The proverb first appears in Shakespeare's play 'The Merry Wives of Windsor'.'Falstaff: I will not lend thee a penny. Pistol: Why, then, the world's mine oyster, Which I with sword will open.'
OK. I'm confused. Does "the world is my oyster" mean:
: : a. I have money, therefore all the good things of the world are available to me.
: : b. I don't have money, therefore the world is my oyster and I'm going to look for the pearl. OR
: : c. I'm young and good-looking and my mama loves me, therefore even though I don't have money, all the good things of the world are available to me.    The world is yours for the taking; whatever you make of it.
THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!! You can do or be whatever you want! You have so many choices! You will be successful no matter what you choose to be or do with your life.    Oysters make pearls. It means the world is holding a great treasure for you.

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