Write a description of an occasion when some good or bad new was announced in your family. Say:
• where you were at the time.
• what you were doing.
• what the news was (e.g. a birth, death or engagement)
• what people's reactions were.
• what has happened since.



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Yesterday, at like 3Am in the morning my parents got a call from my older sister and her husband.i was sleeping.they were really panicked.they said that their baby is coming now and Andrew,my sister's husband,didnt know what to do. My mom told him to calm down and take my sister to the hospital. After a while we all met at the hospital and Andrew was sweating hard.after some hours the we heard a baby crying. I felt really happy and my mother was so happy that she hugged my dad Sonja's that he couldn't breath. The baby is a boy. We welcomed the baby with presents. Since then my parents and sister are very happy. Ieri pe la 3dimineața,parintii mei au primit un telefon de la sora mea și sotul ei. Eu dormeam. Ei erau foarte panicati. Au spus ca bebelușul lor o sa vină și Andrew,sotul surorii mele nu știa ce să facă.mama i-a zis sa o ducă pe sora mea la spital. După o vreme, ne-am întâlnit cu totii la spital și Andrew transpira.dupa câteva ore am auzit un plânset de bebeluș.eram fericită,iar mama era asa de fericită încât l-a îmbratisat pe tata atât de tare încât nu a mai putut sa respire. Bebelușul este băiat. L-am primit cu cadouri. De atunci mama și sora mea sunt foarte fericiti! Sper ca te-am ajutat! :)
Last year, I was at my grandmother to the country. There was beautiful and nice until my mogrand mother said: ,, Your grandfather decided to move to the Hoolywood because he scolded with me,, My reaction was : Wouuuu. I could not blieve what it  was happened in my life and my grandmother*s life. She had to line alone in Paris , among strangers. She was upset by the grandfather*s decision.Since my grandmother lived alone in Paris, a beautiful city in France.