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I don't know if there is a best job in the world. Everybody likes different jobs.
But I will talk a little about a perfect job... What can we understand about " a perfect job'"? First  ,we can say that a perfect job is the job when we can earn much money. Second , we can say too that a perfect job is the job that we love to.But I can talk you about some jobs that you''ll be interesed. Many people work as policeman/policewoman , fireman/firewoman. These are good jobs and you can earn a little good money. But , if you want a harder job but when you can earn much , is to work in army. Of course , to b driver is a good job. Designers and arhitects earn a lot of money too. But a few people like easy jobs because they say that "these jobs are our lives!". In this case , we talk about bus driver , secretary , or a job when you can work at a computer.
 So , in the end , I can say that it doesn't existe "the bost job in the world".
                         sper ca iti place. No internet , no google translate. 

Multumesc!De unde l-ai luat?
de nicaieri. :))) l.am "compus" :)))
Job benefits included a large salary, free lodging in a multi-million dollar villa, and transportation there and around the islands. The application process required a web video to be submitted, available publicly for consideration for the position. The job duties listed were primarily publicity-related with web videos, blogging, and photo diaries. The submission web site crashed two days following the launch of the campaign, from excessive visits and application video uploading