Read Kirsty letter to her pen friend .REWRITE THE PHRASES UNDERLINED USING A CORRECT FORM OF (not) BE USED TO and GET USED TO..Inlocuiti frazele punctate folosind FORMA CORECTA be used to sau get used to:

,,It was a great experience once we adapted to conditions in the camp.
I was nervous at night because i was unfamiliar with the noises and I had never shared a room with other people.
I ve always had my own room at home.
But I soon adapted to that and we had a lot of fun.
It was very hot during the daytime but very cold at night so I caught a cold because I was not accustomed to the changes in temperature.
The only thing I never became accustomed to was not having a real toilet/
I m sure you would adapt to life in the camp.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
Once we got used to
I wasn't used to the noises
I'm not used sharing / I didn't used to share a room
I used to have my own room
soon I got used to that
I wasn't used to the changes
I heven't got used to not having a real
you would get used to life in the camp

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