1.Complete the sentences with the correct from of the verb in brackets.

1.They______(tell) a writer if ever they think he or she is wrong.
2.Tamassia's job would be harder if Giovanna _______ (help).
3.If a problem _____(be) too difficult they'il get help from a psychologist friend.
4.If the story of Juliet weren't famous,people ______(write) to her.
5.The Tamassias work very hard:they ______(do) their job if they _____(be) so hard-working.
6.The city may have some money soon.If this ______(happen),they ______(restore) Juliet's house.



Scopul exercitiului este sa aplici regulile lui IF
*Future IF Present
**Conditional IF Past Tense
***Past Conditional IF Past Perfect

1. will tell  *
2. helped **
3. is *
4. would write **
5. will do ; are *
6. happened; would restore **

Stelutele reprezinta regula care se aplica. Sper ca ai inteles.
1 4 1
Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
Eu aş corecta: 2, 5 şi 6 pentru sensul lor, astfel: 2.didn't help; 5. wouldn't do; weren't; 6. happens; will restore.