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Use the following ideas to write a six sentence paragraph about table manners in Romania. Stick the paragraph in your scrapbook.
-meals andtypical dishes and drinks in Romania
-how you lay the table
- places at the table
-what you are not allowed to do at mealtimes
- what you do at the end of a meal.


Meal is a very important time of the day in Romania, as the whole family gatheres around the table, not only for eating, but for spending time together in a relaxing eviorment.
Everyone has their place at the table, but the father usually being the first one to sit in the head of the table. 
There are numerous types of dished that can be served, but some would prefer the traditional, such as sarmale and other specific things.
At mealtimes, we are not allowed to talk or to play with our food. It is considered to be disrespectul to the one who prepared the meal. To show our gratitude, we always say thank you at the end of every meal.
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