Trebuie sa scrii despre cum gelozia poate distruge multe lucruri intemeiate pe o anumita perioada de timp ( ex: o relatie)

Eu iti sugerez sa scrii despre un caz clasic de gen 2 prieteni care se bat unul cu altul ca sa cucereasca o fata.

Aceasta idee include toate subiectele despre care trebuie sa scrii .

Ideea se incadreaza in categoria " destructive hurricane"

Sper ca te-am ajutat :D

Poți scrie despre:
- jealousy being a innocent way of expressing love in some cases and it is benifical to relationships
- jealousy not being the same thing as being possesive and not wanting to lose what you have earned
- how sometimes jealosuy pushez people so as they tend to do things they wouldn't norlamy have done.
- some people tend to get jealous without even noticing it
- some people can't stand a jalous person, and it becomes pointless at some point
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