Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense .in some cases there is more than one possible answer.
1.Piotr........(attend)an English school for almost half of his school life.his next two years at school will also be in English.
2.The Kossowskis ..........(not ,be)to Britain before they.....(move)there.it was their first time in the country.
3.Piotr. ..........(go)to a Polish school for six years.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1.Piotr attended 
2.had not been to Birtain before they moved there. 
3.Piotr has gone to a Polish school for six years.
3 4 3
Eu aș folosi Present Perfect în prima propoziție, deoarece următoarea este la viitor prezent, iar aspectul perfect face foarte potrivit/bine legătura dintre trecut și prezent.
2 5 2