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1. 1. Complete the sentences. Use

the correct form of the verb in brackets.(17pkt)

A strange vanishing act

One summer afternoon in New York in 1875,

while his wife (prepare) 1……………. dinner,

Mr Levi Gamin (leave) 2 ……… house to buy

some tobacco. He (never/return) 3 ….. .

Sixty years later in 1935,
New York Times (print)

4 ... a story about a man 'dressed in strange

old-fashioned clothes' who (step) 5 …….
In front of

a car while crossing Times Square. He (die)
6 ……….


The dead man (carry) 7........
no identification

and there was nothing in his pocket except

some old bank notes from the year 1875. The

police (have) 8 …… no idea who the man was or

why he (wear) 9 …… such strange clothes, until a

police officer (decide) 10….... to check the missing

persons file for 1875. In the file was a

description of Mr Gamin which matched the

description of the dead man exactly. It was then

:hat the questions (begin) 11 ……. .

Why (Mr Gamin/disappear) 12 …… in 1875? How (he/suddenly/turn
up) 13 ..... in Times Square in 1935? Where
(he/be ) 14 …… for the
last sixty years and why (his appearance/not change) 15 ....... ?
(Mr Gamin/ really/vanish)
l6 ……. into
thin air or (something unknown/take) l7...... him into another


1. was preparing
2. left
3. never retunrned
4. preinted
5. steped
6. died
7. carried
8. had
9. was wearing
10. decided
11. began
12, did Mr Gamin disappeared
13. has he suddenly turned up
14. has he been
15. hasn't his appeareance changed
16. Did Mr Gamin really vanished
17. Did something unknown took
5 4 5
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