Complete the story with the correct form of the verbs in brackets . Va rog ajutati-maHe ( never/ return )...... . The New York Times(print) ... a story about a man dressed in strange old-fashioned clothes who ( step) ... in front of a car while crossing Times Square. He (die)..... instantly.
The dead man (carry)..... no identification and there was nothing in his pocket except some old bank notes from the year 1875. The police( have) ... no idea who the man was or why he (wear)... such strange clothes, util a police officer (decide)..... to check the missing persons file for 1875.
It was then that the questions (begin).... Why /Mr Gamin/disappear)...... in 1875?
How ( he/ suddenly / turn up )....... in Times Square in 1935? Where ( he / be).... for the past sixty years and why (his appearance /not change).....? (Mr Gamin/ really/vanish)........ into thin air or (something unknown / take )...... him into another dimension?



Never returned. Printed. Stepped.died. carried. Had. He wore. Decided. Began. Why did mister gamin dissapear? How did he suddenly turn up? Was he? Didn't his appearance change? Did mister gamin really vanish? Or something unknown took him? Sperm ca te-am ajutat! :)
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scuze oentru cuvantul ala :)) doar ca aveam tastatura data pe limba engleza si acuma am vazut ^^' am vrut sa zic ''sper''