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The phone is ringing. "Hello, Adam Sandler 's speaking from P&G Company. I would like to talk to Mr. TOM Perks, please. " " Hello, I am Tom Perks. If you are calling me, it means that you have received my letter of application for a position in your company. I have seen your vacancies, and that motivated me to apply. " " Certainly, we do have a vacant position in our marketing department . That is why I am calling you. We have a business that needs people like you, fully engaged and devoted. I have read about your qualifications but I wonder if you can also send a letter of recommendation to us from your last job unless you are employed right now. " " Right. I can fax a recommendation to you tomorrow. I am unemployed for now and I have time to solve the case if this letter can be of interest to you. " " Ok, then. I will be waiting you at my office tomorrow at 8.00 sharp if it suits you. " " Ooh, really? Tomorrow? This means, I am invited to an interview. Thank you very much, Sir. I will be there and I will not forget to bring the recommendations, too. Thank you. " "I'm looking forward to seeing you, then. And have a nice day" "Thanks. Have a nice day, too. Good-bye! "
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