One day, I and my friends decided to go camping in the woods. We packed everything up, and off we went.
Now, it's 11 PM. None of us have fallen asleep. Ever since we went in our tents, we hear things moving. We tried going outside but there is no living thing out there. I am scared .

It's 3 AM . There is definetely something out there, but I am sure it is not alive...God help us.

It is 5 AM . It just moved one of our tents about 3 yards, with my mates in it! We are getting out of here, we will pack everything as soon as we can, and get out of here!

11 AM . We are home, safe, but that forest is....there is definetely something there, but I am sure it is not something that is living.

Copie corect tot, daca s-a mai strecurat o greseala, iarta-ma.

Singura greseala pe care am gasit-o a fost " I and my friends " . Corect ar fi fost " Me and my friends".
Stiu. Nu stiu de ce, la teste mi-a scazut profa la aia cand am scris Me and my Friends...A spus ca este I and my friends deci chiar nu stiu care e corecta...E posibil sa fi gresit profa?
Si la mine s-a intimplat ca a gresit profesoara de engleza la un exercitiu si mi-a scazut puncte pentru asta, se mai intimpla . Probabil a gresit profesoara.