1. My dad works.
2. My mom is ironing.
3. The dog si running.
4. I bought a new phone.
5. I speak english.
6. He talk to you.
7. I want to go out to play football.
8. I like to draw.
9. She love me.
10. I want to see a movie.
11. I talk with my dad.
12. My phone is broken.
13. I want to learn japanese.
14. You have long hair.
15. Did you see my money?
16. My mom is going to supermarket.
17. I'd like music.
18. I see a ghost.
19. I post a new photo on Facebook.
20. We love to learn english.

6: He is talking to you / He talked to you ?

9. She loveS me.

11. I'll talk with my dad / I'm talking with my dad .

14 . You have long hair! ( Semnul exclamarii)

15. My mom is going to the supermarket.( Ai uitat articolul 'the')

16. I saw a ghost / I have seen a ghost.

17. I like music . D vine de la ' would' deci I Would like music ceea ce s-ar traduce in romana " Vreau muzica " . Deci mai corect e : I like music.
18. I saw a ghost /I've seen a ghost . I've= forma scruta de la have

19. I posted a new photo on Facebook / I'm posting a new photo on Facebook.

Corectarile astea nu le lua in nume de rau, toata lumea face greseli, chiar si eu , dar daca nimeni nu iti zice greselile tale atunci niciodata nu ti le vei repara.
You read! As your name? What are you dorhing
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