She writes a lot of letters every day .She answers the telephone and meets people.She uses the typewriter every day.She puts papers away in the file cabinet.She stands between her boss and his visitors .She asks them why they want to see him.Then she lets them into his office.She helps her boss to plan his time.She also reminds him of important appointments.She works eight hours every day.She likes her job very much.

They usually go hiking in the moutains.
.. but always lasts a long time.
He rarely does his homework.
I often do exercise in the morning.
Never it rains in June.
She often goes to the cinema.
..usually lasts more that two hours.
She always has on nice-looking clothes.
It often rains in October.

Tom always drinks tea in the morning.
Father finishes work at 5 o'clock every day.
Dan and his friends go to the cinema on Saturdays.
Mother always mixes cakes in this bowl.
We speak English very well.
Our club holds a meeting once a month at school.
The neighbour's dog often chases our cat.
Mrs Brad always looks in the shop windows on her way to work.
Mr.Barton teaches us English twice a week.
I carry my books to school every day.
We usually play tennis on Sunday mornings.
My deskmate always does very well his homework.

de la ce exercitii sunt acestea ?
1.39 , 1.40 , 1.41
multumesc mult
si 1.39 B nu l-ai stiut nu ?