Complete the second sentences so that it means the same as the first ,using the words in brackets .
1.I went for a jog and then had a shower (after). I .......for a jog .
2.She was sitting in the cinema when her mobile phone rang (while ) Her ,,,,,,,,,,,,,in the cinema ,
3.He got home and immediately turned the television on (as soon as ) ...........................
,he turned the television on .
Va roh ajutati-ma



1.I had a shower after I went for a jog.
2.Her mobile rang while she was sitiing in the cinema.
3.As soon as he got home he turned the television on.

Poti sa mi le faci si pe urmatoarele doua O.o ......I read the story before the lesson so I was bored (already ) .I was bored because ..... When did you stop eating meat (give ) When ....meat ?
I was bored because I already read the lesson . When did you give up eating meat ?
ms mult ,3