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Cine se pricepe la engleza sa ma ajute ( engleza de a 9)
Change the number of the noun in bold type making all the other necessary changes:
1.have you heard the diagnosis(cuvintu acestea este subliniat) of a qualified physician?
please ajutatima



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Have you heard the diagnoses of a qualified psysician ?
2.they found these difficult theses to ..
3.there were a lot of cactus ..
4.there is a lot of hyphothesis about ..
5.we haven't enough data to prove the phenomena yet
multumesc :*:*:*:*
Studiation : Ann and Kate are talking about their friends.Put in Kate's replies. Use the PRESENT CONTINUOUS+ALWAYS to express disapproval of an action which,in the speaker's opinion, happens too often .

1. Does Tom work hard ?
2.Do the Matins play cards a lot ?
3.Does Henry smoke much ?
4.Do the Barton quarrel a lot ?
5.Does Susan often play the piano ?
6.Does Margaret write a lot ? 
7. Does Emily drink much coffee?
8.Do Peter and Robert often have fights ?

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