Write sentences with SO or BECAUSE putting the verbs in brackets in the past simple :
1. They(miss) the bus ; they(take)a taxi
2. We(lose) our tickets ; we(can't) go to the match
3. The film(annoy) me ; nothing(happen) in it.
4. They(complain) ; they(not like) the food.
5. My aunt(give) me some money ; I(buy) some tapes.
6. He(borrow) my mobile phone ; he(want) to phone his girlfriend.
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They missed the bus so they took a taxy
we lost our tickets so we couldn't go to the match
the film annoyed me because nothing happened in it
they complained because they doesn't like the food
my aunt gave me some money so i bought some tapes
he borrowed  my mobile phone because he wanted to phone his girlfriend
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