Eseful expression
List the adverbs and phrases under the following headings.
Time linkers:
Result linkers:
Mood and attitude:
a)at first,b)later on ,c)luckily,d)the next morning ,e)then,f)as a result, g)suddenly ,h)in the end ,i) to my horor ,j) to my amazement ,k) soon , l)because of this ,m)afterwards ,n)eventually,, o)finally,p)conseqently ,q)immediately ,r) (not) surprisingly, s) so , t) unfortunately



Time  linkers : at first , later on , the next morning , then , soon , immediately 
Result linkers : as a result , in the end , because of this , eventually , finally ,consequently ,so
Mood and attitude : luckily , to my horror , to my amazement , surprisingly , unfortunately
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