Ajutati-ma va rog si pe mine...urgent pina mine...
Trebuie scris la forma corecta...
11. Eminescu ... (write) many poems. 12. ... your sister (play) volley-ball? 13. What ... (you, do) this time yesterday? 14. He ... (constantly, play) computer games. He should study more. 15. My classmate likes to write. He ... (write) some nice poems. 16. Ann ... (read) seven out of 15 books recommended by the teacher. 17. ... (you ever, try) doing aerobics? 18. This suitcase is heavy. I ... (help) you. 19. The trainer ... (be present) at seven o’clock next Fri- day. 20. Nick ... (play) chess with his friend all morning.



1.wrote 2.does your sister play? 3.were you doing? 4.play 5.has written. 6 . has read 7.have you ever tried? 8. Will help 9. Will be. 10. have been playing.