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"I am very worried .."
"Why? What's the matter?"
"3 of my cats dissapeared, and I can't find them "
"Maybe they just went out hunting? I'm sure they will come back soon!"
"a few weeks ago 3 of my cats dissapeared, and now 3 of them dissapeared again... from 12 cats now I only have 6. I am worried someone is kidnapping them, they might never return, and I will lose all my cats"
"Don't worry about it! I'm sure they are ok! "
" I hope you are right... I hope you are...."

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Hello George!My name is Robert and i have a nice pat for you because i have one.It's name is Thor. -How you'll call it? -Oh.Hello Robert!I'll call it Dino!Is verry nice and sweet! -I hope you like it? -Oh.Ilove it