5 propozitii in care sa spuneti cine seamana cu cine in fam voastra si de ce
va rog din suflet!!!!!

Comentariul a fost şters
Comentariul a fost şters
Mai bine ajuti omul in loc sa pui comentarii aiurea. iti scriu eu. 1 minut.
Comentariul a fost şters
N-ai pentru ce :)


My dad and grandfather look alike , they both have brown hair and blue eyes.
My mother looks very similar to my sister, they both  short with blonde hair.
My  grandma's taste in clothes are  alike to that of my aunt's, they usually wear similar clothes.
My dad and uncle have similar hobbies, they both like football and fishing.
My brother and me both like the same kind of movies, so we usually watch  comedies together.

Sper ca te-am ajutat :)