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why(Mr Gamin/disappear) 1875? How (he/suddenly/turn up) Times Square in 1935? Where(he/be)....for the past sixty years and why (his appeerance/not change)......? (Mr Gamin/really/vanish).......into thin air or (something unknown/take)....him into another dimension?



Why did Mr Gamin dissappeard in 1875 ? How did he suddenly turned up in Times Square in 1935 ? Where was he for the past 60 years and why his appearance didn't change?Does Mr Gamin really vanished into thin air or something unknown took him into another dimension ? 
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1. Why had Mr. X disappeared? 2. suddenly turned up 3. Had he been? Hadn't been changed? 4.had Mr. X really vanished.... or something unknown had taken...? Exercițiul vizează the past tense, in special aspectul perfect (Past Perfect!
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