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Teenagers are weird. That's the first thing a normal person would say. They go through some changes and they can be sad, angry, happy, crazy, wild. All in one. There are many kinds of teenagers. Most of them want freedom, want to go to parties with their friends, so theyhave a lot of arguments with their parents. School is not their best friend, but they try to go through with it. Altough, there are some 'peacefull' teenagers who stay at home all day, study a lot and get along with their parents. Those teenagers don't really have a social life and they're probably the 'nerds' of the class, but they're good kids. Finally, there are some normal teenagers who have a lot of friends, get along with their family and study for school, but they're very rare. Teenagers must be supported by everyone, because they are living in a moment of permanent knowledge and how they see things now it will help them in the future.