Put the verb into the correct form
11. Eminescu ... (write) many poems. 12. ... your sister (play) volley-ball? 13. What ... (you, do) this time yesterday? 14. He ... (constantly, play) computer games. He should study more. 15. My classmate likes to write. He ... (write) some nice poems.
16. Ann ... (read) seven out of 15 books recommended by the teacher. 17. ... (you ever, try) doing aerobics? 18. This suitcase is heavy. I ... (help) you. 19. The trainer ... (be present) at seven o’clock next Fri- day. 20. Nick ... (play) chess with his friend all morning. 21



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2 Does your sister play
3 what did you do ..
4. constantly plays
5. wrote
6. read
7. Did you ever tried
8 will help
9 will be present
10 was playing
sper ca team ajutat ;)
Da,mersi mult;)
pune te rog ca rsp meu e cel mai bun sau macar apasa pe multumestei;)
Eminescu wrote many poems. 
Does your sister play volley-ball
What did you do this time yesterday
He constantly play computer games. He should study more
My classmate likes to write. He wrote some nice poems
Ann read 7 out of 15 books recomanded by the teacher
have you ever tried doing aerobics
this suitcase is heavy. I'm going to help you/ I'll help you
The trainer is present at 7 o' clock next Friday.
Nick plays chess with his friend all morning
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