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To me last thing I am to get into rhythm. Usually, when I get to the office, sipping tea, I check my personal mail and read your favorite blogs. This morning I received a newsletter from an online magazine. He drew attention to a test: "What dress style suits you?". I know quite well what clothes suit me and not I my rules well established and often I feel my outfit sites like creations. But I never could say what style I have. He said Oana style.
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My favourite outfit is composed by: blue jeans, a baggy T-shirt with a nice drawing on it, a pair of sneakers and a hooded top. As you can see, I prefer a sporty outfit, because I love to feel comfortable in my clothes. I like to wear sneakers because I think that they are the most comfortable shoes for me. I never wear too classy clothes. I also love my favourite outfit beacuse of the hooded top: I always feel more confident in one. So, I guess that's my favourite outfit!
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